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Welcome to Garage Tech

Roboreel extension cord Makes cleanup a snap

Extention cords are a necessity in any garage. Go into most garages and you will find extension cords spread around the floor. Unfortunately, kinks and knots are also part of the picture. Usually the cords are difficult to put away neatly when you are done with them. Oh sure, you can loop them up and hang them up. However, they still end up tangled and kinked the next time you go to get it out.

Well the folks at GreatStuff Inc. have a solution that solves that problem. The RoboReel power cord system is their solution. It is the size of a basketball and comes with a 50 foot cord. The cord comes with 3 outlets at the end and the end has and a button that activates the retrieval mechanism. The retrieval mechanism is powered by an electic moter that retrieves the cord at a safe speed to avoid any type of whipping action.

RoboReel can rotate 360 degrees to provide added flexibility. The RoboReel comes in a portable model as well as a ceiling mounted version. The RoboReel sells for $280.00 at RoboReel.com. You can also find Roboreel for sale at these retailers.

Check it out at these fine retailers also.


Home Depot


Northern Tools

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